Accounting and Taxation service

  • Computerized accounting Service
  • Tax filing and tax compliance
  • Representative and communicate with the revenue department
  • Accounting and Tax strategy planning consultation

Analyze and Internal audit service

  • Internal audit service
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Financial statement management and analysis
  • Cash flow statement preparation

Accounting system and Internal control service

  • Internal control consulting
  • Relating accounting computer software system planning and consulting
  • Accounting and internal control system installing and implementation
  • Accounting and financial working handbook and organization chart preparation
  • Organizing taxation training workshop for client’s working team
  • Problem detection report and solution proposal preparation

Social security and compensation fund service

  • Social security and compensation fund registration
  • Social security fund and compensation fund filing
  • Non citizen work permit and visa requisition service

Business registration and license service

  • Partnership/ Company registration
  • Service for company particulars altering
  • Partnership/ Company dissolution and liquidation
  • Rights. Parents and trademark registration
  • Affirmation letter. Registration documents preparation service
  • Liquor. tobacco. Antique and health & sanitation licensing
  • Factory permitting license
  • Mechine registration and leasing
  • Business registration and licensing consulting
  • Workpermite and Visa

Others business consulting and services

  • Business paln preparation
  • Business planning and strategy consulting
  • Loan requisition and debt restructure consulting
  • Board of inverstment (BOI) permitting requisition consulting
  • Genenal legal and regulation consulting